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New Collaboration With Min-Sheng General Hospital

QuarkBio has partnered with Min-Sheng General Hospital, one of the top hospitals in Taiwan, to implement an early stage cancer detection tool for multiple types of cancer. Min-Sheng General Hospital will be providing 1,000 clinical samples as a trial run before providing the detection test as a testing option for its patients during their annual health exam.

QuarkBio’s early stage cancer detection panel is based on multiple microRNA biomarkers. With this microRNA biomarker panel, a non-invasive method of detecting traces of cancer in a patient’s plasma sample (easily separated from a typical blood drawing) can hopefully alert doctors and patients of the cancer before a more obvious phenotype of the cancer presents itself. With earlier detection, doctors and patients can also diagnose and treat the cancer at an earlier stage, leading to a more optimistic prognosis for the patient.

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