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PanelChip® – A Panel on a Chip

Delivers concise yet comprehensive test perfectly suited for clinical setting.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Throughput

Q Station™ is able to process up to six PanelChip® or DigiChip™ at a time.

Quick Turnaround

Less than two hours from sample to analyzed data.

Custom Designed

Your biomarkers and assays, designed according to your needs.

Delivered Ready-To-Use

PanelChip® arrives at the lab preloaded with probes and primers and ready-to-use.

Readily Available Assays

In-house Developed Assays

FusionQuest™: Detection of 14 druggable gene fusions, all in one panel

ThyroSCAN™: Detection of mutations associated with thyroid cancer, perfectly suited for indeterminate nodule

Co-developed Assays

MIRA®: Next Generation Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

Oncosweep™: Early detection tool for cancer

RecurIndex®: Breast cancer recurrence risk assessment test

See PanelChip® in Action

Novel Multi-Biomarker Detection for Precision Oncology Tests

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Other Potential Applications of PanelChip®

Infectious Diseases: Determination of the type of pathogen

Genetic Variants: Simulaneous analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism

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