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Test for patient with suspicious thyroid nodules


Test for cancer druggable fusions

Customized Services

All encompassing custom-designed manufacturing of cancer test

Successful Examples from Our Partners

MIRA® from Inti Labs, Inc.

The next generation endometrial receptivity testing solution for improving IVF treatment success.

MIRA is a first-in-class testing solution that uses novel microRNAs to successfuly increase pregnancy rate from 40% to 70%.

OncoSweep™ from Pharus, Inc.

OncoSweep utilizes breakthrough liquid biopsy method to detect cancer early, whilst it is still treatable. Through multi-omics approach using PanelChip as one of the tools, Pharus is able to determine risk of cancer to enable earlier disease management.

RecurIndex® from Amwise Diagnostics, Inc.

70% of patients with breast cancer are overtreated. Powered by PanelChip®, RecurIndex’s 28 mRNA biomarkers can assess recurrence risk for better treatment management.

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