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2022 Healthcare EXPO

2023 BIO ASIA-Taiwan

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A Chip-based Clinically Oriented qPCR

NextAmp™ Analysis System

Virtual Exhibition

JUL 27 - JUL 30

Oncogenic Druggable Fusion

First line screening for possible fusion-targeted therapy

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Thyroid Nodule Cytology

Solution: Risk stratification through fast, affordable molecular analysis

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Customized Services

Insight to Action

Transform your research into clinical-actionable product

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Analysis System

A dual-functioning system capable of multi-biomarker analysis and digital detection of low quantity genes

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Innovation through Collaborations

We collaborate for your success by customizing smarter and more suitable biomarker solution to meet your clinical needs

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High Tolerance for Sample Quality

Our assays enable more patients to receive suitable drug treatments with the ability to analyze poor quality and low concentration samples

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Pinpoint Eligible Patients

PanelChip® offers a cost-effective platform for large scale screening of patient with rare gene rearrangements

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Proven Clinical Utility with Expression Biomarkers

Translating discoveries into products, we have helped multiple companies develop mRNA- and miRNA-based assay

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What We Do

Simple to use cancer panels for actionable mutations and diagnosis


Test for patient with suspicious thyroid nodules


Test for cancer druggable fusions

Customized Services

Tailored-made Cancer Panels

Why QuarkBio?

Simplified Operation, Making Decentralization Possible

100 biomarker analysis in 2 hours with a max of 5 minutes hands on time, adoptable in most service labs.

IVD Standard Manufacturing

ISO 13485 Certified and Working to GMP standard.

Cost Advantage

More affordable than NGS and conventional qPCR for 100 biomarkers analysis.

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