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Analysis System

A dual-functioning system capable of multi-biomarker analysis and digital detection of low quantity genes

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Innovation through Collaborations

We collaborate for your success by customizing smarter and more suitable biomarker solution to meet your clinical needs

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Increase Precision Therapy Accessibility

Our assays enable more patients to receive suitable drug treatments with the ability to analyze poor quality and low concentration samples

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Pinpoint Eligible Patients

PanelChip® offers a cost-effective platform for large scale screening of patient with rare gene rearrangements

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Proven Clinical Utility with Expression Biomarkers

Translating discoveries into products, we have launched the first miRNA-based expression assay in the field of reproductive health

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What We Do

Delivering powerful cancer testing solutions through our novel NextAmp™ Analysis System – a customizable and dual functionality system, capable of performing both multi-gene expression (PanelChip®) and digital qPCR applications (DigiChip™)

PanelChip® DigiChip™

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Simple, Lovable, Complete

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Unparalleled Biopharma Solutions

As an enabling technology, NextAmp™ Analysis System offers multiple advantages over Next Generation Sequencing, making it ideal for the development of companion diagnostics during clinical trials and post-marketing commercialization.

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Collaborator’s Testimonial

“We routinely work with difficult samples such as FFPE, which often cannot meet the quality requirements needed to be run on available genetic testing platforms today. In contrast, NextAmp™ Analysis System provides the flexibility to design amplicons for fragmented RNA, making it possible to develop assays that deal with FFPE samples of various quality.”

Dr. Hua Chien Chen, CEO
ACT Genomics Co.

“QuarkBio’s PanelChip™ multiplexing capability allows us to detect more than 25 respiratory pathogen in one qPCR experiment.  The advantage has helped us achieve throughput that we’ve never imagined would be possible!”

Dr. MT Liu
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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