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Dual Function NextAmp™ is capable performing digital PCR

DigiChip™ Digital qPCR suitable for application requiring accurate quantification of mutant variants in liquid biopsy.

Features and Benefits

Absolute Quantification

DNA molecules are amplified in DigiChip™ wells, with absolute quantification determined using poisson distribution.

Precise and Sensitive

Digital PCR is renowned for its high precision and sensitivity of nucleic acid quantification without the need of reference sample and standard curve.

No PCR Amplification Bias

PCR amplification bias stemming from PCR efficiency is absent in DigiChip™ quantification.

Readily Available Assays

In-house Developed Assays

MoDEL: An ultrasensitive EGFR cfDNA liquid biopsy assay.

SARS-CoV-2 Test*: An ultra-sensitive assay capable of determining the presense of virus under low viral load.

*This test was authorized under the EUA of Taiwan FDA.

Other Potential Applications of DigiChip™ Digital PCR

Rare allele detection (ultra high sensitivity required)

Circulating tumor cell in peripheral blood

CNV detection in heterogeneous samples

Viral Load

Ultra low titer gene expression

Digital PCR vs qPCR

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