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microRNA Applications

microRNAs provide valuable information for cancer and disease diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. QuarkBio has seen the promising potential of miRNAs for serving as biomarkers in cancer and various diseases, and are continuously working on identifying miRNA biomarkers suitable for patient care. Currently, QuarkBio has multiple miRNA based panel projects in the pipeline.


167 extracellular microRNA biomarkers related to 20+ cancer diseases have been identified by QuarkBio’s big data analytics team. With these targeted biomarkers, researchers in the field of oncology can perform a concise screening of the biomarkers related to the cancer they are researching, using a time-saving and cost-effective method to develop their own panel.

List of miRNA Targets


OncoSweep™ acts as an early detection tool for eight types of cancer by looking at microRNA expression in the bloodstream. With OncoSweep™, QuarkBio hopes to detect cancer’s presence before physical signs can be seen through comprehensive scans.


Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death globally, yet it is estimated that 90% of CVD is preventable. Together with our collaborators, we are developing a PanelChip® exploring the potential of small RNA in the early stage diagnosis of CVD. The assay is non-invasive, which allows monitoring of the disease in a robust manner.

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