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PanelChip® Multi-Gene Expression

PanelChip® is a total solution for customizing biomarker panels to utilize in clinical settings. Through a combination of our NextAmp™ Analysis System with PanelChip®, we deliver concise yet comprehensive tests with operational simplicity and provides a clinical solution that cannot be achieved by NGS, microarray, and traditional qPCR.

The Technology Behind PanelChip®

PanelChip® allows scientists to develop unique, novel multi-marker detection tests for precision medicine. The core component consists of thousands of nanowells, which allows users to detect the expression of multiple biomarkers using amplification reactions. Each nanowell on PanelChip® comes pre-loaded with primers/probes of your choosing, eliminating the need to purchase, store, and dispense oligonucleotides for your experiments. The multi-well functionality offers flexibility in layout.

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Key Advantages

Flexible Throughput

Q Station™ is able to process up to six PanelChip® or DigiChip™ at a time.

Quick Turnaround

Less than two hours from sample to analyzed data.

Custom Designed

Take control over what biomarkers to use and how to place them on your PanelChip®.

Delivered Ready-To-Use

PanelChip®, DigiChip™, and Reagent kits are designed for immediate use.

NextAmpTM Analysis System

NextAmp™ Analysis System is supported by a system of tools specially designed to assist in biomarker design, reagent kit manufacturing, and bioinformatics, resulting in easy implementation in clinical labs to run customized PanelChip® or DigiChip™applications.

Biomarker Discovery: Proprietary microRNA Database Available

Biomarker discovery is achievable due to the 30,000+ publications in miDatabase™, QuarkBio’s proprietary miDatabase™ consisting of thousands of miRNA-disease relations.

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All-Encompassing Reagent Kit

Each customized PanelChip® or DigiChip™ project comes with a reagent kit, which includes everything needed to prepare, load your samples onto PanelChip® or DigiChip™, and run the assays on Q Station™

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Q Station™ All-In-One Multiplexing Assistant

A proprietary thermocycler for PanelChip® and DigiChip™ applications, Q Station™ includes built-in sample management database and a Cloud-based analysis platform, PanelCloud™, so that running the PanelChip® and DigiChip™ assays and analyzing the data can be done at the touch of a fingertip.

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Customizable Analysis

Compatible with Q Station™, PanelCloud™ can also be independently run on its own for additional analysis functions and data management properties.

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Unparalleled in Performance

Compared to other genetic testing platforms on the market, NextAmp™ Analysis System shows multiple advantages in addition to high precision and specificity.

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