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DigiChip™ Digital qPCR

Digital qPCR is suitable for application such as accurate quantitation of mutant varients in liquid biopsy and determination of viral load. Fluorescent intensity of the sample is precisely measured to determine the absolute concentration of the sample. The final result is reported directly in copy numbers, making data interpretation intuitive and easy.

Sample Partition with Uniform Size

Utilizing microfluidic principles instead of water-oil emulsion, samples can simply be partitioned into the same size and volume into each well. The bright-light images representing distribution schematics of true positive PCR reactions with serially-diluted templates.

Unmet Needs Fulfilled

QuarkBio’s Digital qPCR assay can detect 10~100 variant copy numbers in 10,000~100,000 wild-type copy numbers, giving a limit of detection (LOD) of 0.1% variant allele frequency (VAF), a specification that current technologies on the market cannot achieve.

Figure 1 Detection of plasma EGFR T790M mutation alleles in NSCLC patient samples.
Abbreviation: NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer.
*Photo courtesy of Cancer Management and Research 2018:10 115-121

Sensitive with High Dynamic Range

QuarkBio’s Digital qPCR mode shows multiple advantages compared to the leading technology on the market currently.

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