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Commercial Collaborations

Creating custom biomarker panels together with our partners to resolve unmet clinical needs. QuarkBio’s main focuses currently span across three major fields: precision oncology, fertility treatment, and disease diagnostics and prevention.

Precision Oncology



Immunotherapy is one of the newest treatment options available for cancer patients and highly anticipated because of the initial positive results seen in many patients. However, these promising results are actually only seen in around 30% of the patients that undergo immunotherapy. We hope to identify the biomarkers present in the successful 30% of cancer patients to aid doctors in determining immunotherapy recommendations for their patients.


Breast Cancer

QuarkBio is working towards developing a breast cancer prognosis classifier based on gene expression. By identifying related biomarkers, QuarkBio hopes to predict risk of breast cancer recurrence to aid clinicians in deciding on treatment strategies.


Lung Cancer

Lung cancer patients with the same genetic mutation do not always respond to the same treatment similarly, and may also develop treatment resistance towards drugs differently. QuarkBio aims to utilize gene expression biomarkers to monitor the effectiveness of lung cancer treatments and the development of drug resistance, resulting in real-time oncology tracking.


ctDNA Detection Panel

Circulating tumor DNA is gaining traction as a potential clinical indication of tumor progression in the bloodstream – through liquid biopsy samples, QuarkBio is co-developing an assay that hopes to detect ctDNA in a cancer patient’s bloodstream to see the progression of cancer, recurrence, and/or treatment response.



QuarkBio is looking at fusion gene biomarkers that are potentially linked to leukemia patients and can help identify and classify leukemia patients in the future. The correct classification may assist doctors in deciding on the optimal method of treatment for these patients.

Collaboration for Success

Utilizing NextAmp™ Analysis System, QuarkBio collaborates with our partners to provide custom solutions for clinical diagnostic needs through three primary methods:

Drug and Biomarker Discovery

Subtle Signatures,
New Biomarkers

Identify cancer-related miRNA/RNA biomarkers from liquid biopsy samples through NextAmp™ Analysis System.

Platform Conversion

Your Assays,
Our Platform

Integrate and transfer your multiple molecular assays onto our NextAmp™ Analysis System.

Panel/Product Development

Novel Biomarkers,
Customized Chip

Position novel combinations of biomarkers onto NextAmp™ Analysis System for your own customized, multi-gene assay.

Our Collaborators

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