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    About PanelChip®
  • What is the turnaround time from sample to analyzed data?

    It takes less than two hours to go from extracted RNA or DNA sample to analyzed data. 

  • What type of biomarkers are compatible with PanelChip®?

    Messenger RNA, microRNA, and DNA targets are all compatible biomarkers on the PanelChip® system. 

  • How many samples per PanelChip®? Per PanelStation®?

    The PanelChip® is currently one sample per chip; however, we are in the middle of developing PanelChips® that run 2 or 4 samples per chip. 

    PanelStation™ is capable of running up to 6 PanelChips® per run.

  • What's the minimum and maximum number of biomarkers that can be placed on a PanelChip®?

    The PanelChip® contains 2,500 wells per PanelChip®.  Currently, we detect a range of 12 to 100 biomarkers on a single PanelChip®.

  • Collaborations
  • I'm interested in using your system, but what if I'm already using another technology platform to run my assays, such as qPCR?

    That's no problem at all. We have a team of application scientists that are dedicated to converting your current expression assays onto our system. We can validate the primer and probe sequences that you are currently using before printing the biomarkers onto our PanelChip® Analysis System.

  • I already know which biomarkers I want on my PanelChip®, how would we proceed?

    If you already have biomarkers in mind, but don't have the biomarker sequences designed, QuarkBio is capable of designing primer and probe sequences for your target biomarkers and validating them on PanelChip® Analysis Platform. 

  • I don't have any clue what biomarkers would be suitable for my test of interest...

    Depending on your area of interest, we can potentially identify the biomarkers through our database, miDatabase. For cases that cannot be resolved using our database, we have a wide network of researchers that would be happy to collaborate for identifying fit biomarkers for your use. 

  • What is the cost of developing a custom PanelChip®? What is the cost of purchasing the entire PanelChip® Analysis System to run in my laboratory?

    Please contact us for more information regarding pricing. There are many different factors influencing pricing for customized panels, such as number of biomarkers, primer sequence design, and also number of PanelChips®; therefore, a discussion with our team regarding your project needs would allow us to provide a more accurate estimate. 

  • Our Certifications
  • I'm interested in developing an IVD assay, are you capable of this?

    We are in the middle of obtaining clearance for our laboratory to develop IVD products. Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our blog ("Sharing is Caring"). 

  • What kind of certifications does QuarkBio possess? Is the PanelChip® technology protected by patents?

    QuarkBio is ISO 9001 certified. Our PanelChip® technology is protected by 7 patents, with another 10 patents currently under review. 

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  • PanelChip® Analysis System

    PanelChip® Analysis System

  • Expression Profiling Assays

    Expression Profiling Assays

  • List of Publications

    List of Publications

  • mirSCAN - List of microRNA Targets

    mirSCAN - List of microRNA Targets