Our Story

By partnering with doctors and researchers worldwide, QuarkBio focuses on developing innovative precision cancer, disease diagnosis, and fertility treatment solutions to be used alongside clinical examinations, improving patients’ quality of life without the financial burdens of long-term healthcare. 

QuarkBio develops innovative tests, based on the domain knowledge of either in-house staff scientists or outside collaborators. QuarkBio assists partners through the co-development of tests on PanelChip™ Operating System, creating ready-to-use products to partners for service to end-users.

"Healthcare should be
affordable for everyone."

Our Mission

QuarkBio strives to become a global leader in providing high quality precision healthcare solutions to our partners through our core technologies by maintaining a strong connection between the latest research findings and the needs of both doctors and patients.

QuarkBio was founded in 2012 on the belief that the one-size-fits-all medical approach is obsolete and that emerging needs of precision healthcare solutions needed to be met in ways that would not be financially burdensome to patients. Taking into account each individual's genetic profile variations, our products provide customers with an extensive spectrum of solutions starting from disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment to prognosis.