User Story #1

A 52 year old female patient with advanced stage lung cancer quickly metastasizing
  • • Drug resistance is suspected but undetected with traditional qPCR and NGS
  • • T790M mutation was detected with MoDEL™
  • • Tagrisso was administered to combat T790M mutation
  • • Result: Patient showed dramatic improvement with weekly monitoring using MoDEL™, showing declining T790M mutation:

User Story #2

Patients with Lung Cancer Due to Exon 19 mutation in EGFR
  • • Exon 19 deletion was detected from patient’s tissue using qPCR
  • • Deletion was confirmed using patients’ blood sample using MoDEL™

User Story #3

Patient with Lung Cancer and EGFR L858R Mutation
  • • Patient was also diagnosed with pneumonia and drug resistance
  • • MoDEL™ was used to monitor ctDNA and PD-L1 tumor expression at an earlier phase